Learn how to manage stress!

Stress is the brain’s response to any demand. And according to Northwestern National Life Insurance Company, 40% of workers report their job as being “very or extremely stressful.” But work isn’t the only source of stress. Moving to a new city, experiencing financial difficulties and juggling too many commitments can all lead to significant stress in one’s life.

Stress can directly affect your behavioral, cognitive, emotional and physical health. But not all stress is bad and can even improve productivity and performance when occurring over short durations. However, when stress is chronic, this is when problems can arise, leading to serious conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and anxiety disorder.

As with any problem, the first step in mitigating or preventing the ill effects of negative stress is to simply recognize its existence.

In this latest course from LMS Courses, you’ll learn the common external and internal causes of stress and be able to describe both its good and bad effects. After reviewing the three main types of stress the key methods for managing it will be discussed.

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