Don’t neglect diet & exercise!

Thousands of deaths occur each year due to the cumulative effects of a prolonged sedentary lifestyle. In general, the lack of regular exercise can lead to many health conditions including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, a compromised immune system, and certain cancers. Beyond preventing the aforementioned, routine physical activity stops bone and muscle loss, translating into a stronger body that is able to keep up with the normal demands of life.

Similarly, poor nutrition can contribute to a wide array of problems from low energy and not feeling well to obesity and type-2 diabetes.  Together, following a sound diet and exercise plan can not only increase energy levels and ward of diseases, it can also improve your overall performance on and off the job.

This latest course from LMS Courses explains the risks associated with physical inactivity and poor nutrition and underscores the benefits of healthy eating and regular exercise.

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