Protect your hands!

Your hands play a vital role in almost everything you do. However, this is the one body part that is often the most vulnerable to injury.

Sprains and strains to hands, wrists or fingers cause more days away from work or work restrictions than any other injury. Common injuries of this type include tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

In addition, each year approximately 250,000 people seriously injure their hands, wrists or fingers through skin absorption of harmful substances; severe cuts or lacerations; severe abrasions; punctures; chemical or thermal burns; and harmful temperature extremes. In fact, 8,000 of these injuries result in amputations. Overall, 1 in 10 U.S. emergency-room visits involves a hand, wrist or finger injury.

With so many potential hazards threatening harm to your hands, wrists and fingers, the establishment of a strong, proactive safety program is paramount.

In this new safety training course from LMS Courses, you will learn how to recognize hand, wrist and finger risks and hazards; what precautions to take to prevent related injuries; and how to properly select and care for hand protection equipment.

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